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20 Years of the TCC: A History

Part 2: 1995-1999

1995 Mayor Dr. Peter Seifert (centre) opens the new TCC premises.
1995 Mayor Dr. Peter Seifert (centre) opens the new TCC premises.
On 19th June, the renovated old building, which formerly housed the Research Institute for Textile Technologies on Annaberger Street, becomes the “retainer” on the new TCC site. The foundation stone for the TCC new-build is also laid on the site on the same day. The organisation, which receives up to 90% of its funding from the Free State of Saxony, requires investment totalling 54 million Deutschmark.
  • Advice and training services for the first three technology centres in Romania
  • Launch of the Saxon joint project “Virtual Technology Centre in Saxony – a Community Initiative by all Technology Centres in the Free State of Saxony”

  • Five years of the TCC: At this point 35 companies employ 230 people, seven businesses move out
  • Participation in the study 'Structural Change and Development Opportunities for Mechanical Engineering in the South-West Saxony Region'
  • EU joint project 'SMARTS', an electronic market place for SMEs

The TCC new-build on Annaberger Straße opens on 1997
The TCC new-build on Annaberger Straße opens on 1997
On 9th October, the new office building on Annaberger Straße opens for business. From now on, 11,000 m² of office and workshop space is available to businesses in the TCC. At the official opening of the new site, the TCC already has 40 companies with around 250 employees. The new building increases the number to 51 businesses with 310 future jobs.
  • The TCC participates in the first Chemnitz Internet trade fair (IMEC)
  • Start of cooperation with the engineering sector in the Chemnitz twin city of Tampere (Finland)
  • Mayor of the American twin city Akron, Donald Plusquellic, visits the TCC, which sees the beginnings of an ongoing collaboration
  • Chinese politicians and scientists search for partners in TCC companies

  • Representatives of CWE, TCC and companies visit French businesses
  • Presentation of and at the “Telecommunication Days 98” held by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)
  • Various groups of students visit the TCC, including the “Women in Male-Dominated Professions”, and attend the “Business Start-Up Day”

  • Founding of the Saxon Technology and Business Start-Up Centres consortium, chairman: Prof. Dr. Tischendorf
  • New shareholder in TCC GmbH: Sparkasse Chemnitz
  • Joint project “Mittelsachsen, the Region of Innovation. High-Tech Business as the Initiator of Forward-Looking Regional Development”
  • Start of systematic support for the “Special Learning Service” to secondary schools
  • First joint barbecue by TCC companies