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Expert guidance and flexible contracts

New businesses are in good hands at the Technologie Centrum Chemnitz

The Technologie Centrum Chemnitz is the breeding ground for business ventures in the technology-focused production and services area.

Entrepreneurs and fledgling companies present their business idea to the TCC before signing an admission and support contract and also receive a cost-free assessment and consultation concerning business finance. This offer of advice continues throughout the entire time that the business is resident at the TCC.

Support contracts within the TCC are tailored to the specific situation and requirements of fledgling companies. The demand for space grows as the business expands and, at the same time, economic success generates greater financial flexibility. For this reason the TCC usually agrees staggered rates with affordable initial terms with the companies it supports. The TCC also makes sure that a share of its space is always kept free so that businesses have the opportunity to grow within the start-up centre.

By providing a technical infrastructure (e.g. connection to the internet), affordable services (such as an office service, canteen, provision of conference and advisory rooms) and support with communications (trade fair exhibitions, public relations), the TCC also reduces the commercial risk for its tenants, which helps with a successful market launch.