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Technologie Centrum Chemnitz
Technologie Centrum Chemnitz
Technologie Centrum Chemnitz GmbH
Annaberger Straße 240
D-09125 Chemnitz

Tel.: +49 (0)371 5347 104
Fax: +49 (0)371 5347 105

Managing director:
Dr. Ing. Jenz Otto

Ms Marion Dietrich

Court of record:
Amtsgericht Chemnitz (district court), HRB 2730

VAT identification number: 214/121/02336
FA Chemnitz Süd (financial authorities of Chemnitz)

General notes:

We have prepared our Internet presentation very carefully. It is updated continuously. Nevertheless we cannot assume responsibility for correctness and completeness of data.


The Technologie Centrum Chemnitz GmbH reserves the right to alter or make additions to the information provided. The content and structure of the Technologie Centrum s Chemnitz (GmbH) website are protected by copyright. Duplication of information or data, especially the use of complete or partial texts or figures, is subject to prior written editorial authorization by the Technologie Centrum Chemnitz GmbH.

External links:

In a ruling dated 12/05/98 the Federal court of Hamburg decided that, when establishing links, responsibility must also be taken for the content of the referenced pages, if applicable. According to the Federal court, this can only be avoided by express dissociation from the content of these referenced pages. We have established links to other websites on the Internet.

Our general statement is as follows: We want to emphasise that we have no influence over the content or design of these pages. For this reason, we expressly dissociate ourselves from all facts on all pages inked with our websites. The content of these websites is not our property. This statement is valid both for all links established to our websites and for the content of all websites the established links lead to.

Note on liability:

Despite careful supervision of content, we do not take responsibility for the facts and figures of external links. The operating companies are exclusively responsible for the content of the linked websites. The Technologie Centrum Chemnitz GmbH always tries to offer an updated website whose content is complete and correct. However, we cannot fully prevent the occurrence of mistakes. The Technologie Centrum Chemnitz GmbH is not liable for whether data provided in its web presentation are up to date, semantically correct or complete unless the errors were included intentionally or due to carelessness. This applies to possible material or non-material damages of third parties caused by the use of this web offer. We have specifically marked external links. You are explicitly advised of this upon leaving our website.